Who am I?

I am an American flautist based in Cornwall, England who is an international performer, a flute teacher + an ethnomusicologist.

But ultimately?

  • I perform with a big heart for audiences around the globe.
  • I teach flautists to be fearlessly creative, technically refined + unapologetically real.
  • I research fresh, brand spankin’ new ways to tell a musical story.


Because art–yours, mine, ours–is changing the world.
And so this is what I do (+ why I absolutely love it).


July 23, 2016

“My teacher refused to teach me”. A chat with flautist Ruth Ballantyne about rising above the naysayers (+ her new flute book, too)

Surely you’ve heard about the nightmare piano teacher? She’s the one who’d hit your knuckles with a ruler if you played a wrong note at the keyboard. Shudder. While it can’t be said that ruthless teaching practices are limited to purelyRead more

July 1, 2016

Tap into your musical flow at the upcoming Flowing Flautist Retreat in Cornwall, UK

I'm leading a second Boho Flute Retreat this year in Cornwall... and you're invited! This retreat is called The Flowing Flautist and is taking place on the 16th-18th of September, 2016. Achieving a state of ‘flow’ is about being ‘inRead more

June 8, 2016

My up-close-and-personal conversation with flautist and interdisciplinary performer Zara Lawler

photo by Nino Cocchiarella I'll admit that I was skeptical (and intrigued) when I first read that New York city-based flautist, Zara Lawler combines dance, voice and text while she plays. But,  listen-- that skepticism didn't last long because after I watched her brilliant theatrics in actionRead more