Some of these publications are available to download and/or read on my profile at academia.edu.

Book Review: ‘Vibrato Workbook, Ed. 2 by Chris Potter’,  The Flutist Quarterly, p. 67,  41 (4) Summer, July 2016

The Lost (and Newly Found) History of Piazzolla’s 6 Tango-Etudes for Solo Flute, Pan-The Journal of the British Flute Society, 34 (2), 24-27, June 2015

‘Score Review: Piazzolla Six Tango Etudes for 2 flutes (composed and arranged by Mantega and Fain)’, Pan-The Journal of the British Flute Society, 34 (2), 62, June 2015

‘A Day in the Life of a Bollywood Flautist’, Pan-The Journal of the British Flute Society, 35 (4), March 2014
Description: International flautist Jessica Quiñones reports on her recent 4 month, 30- concert tour performing and learning Bollywood music for all-Indian audiences across India.
Research Interests: Ethnomusicology, Bollywood (Anthropology), Flute, Indian Cinema, Bollywood, Film Studies, South Asia, Media, Contemporary flute music, Flute performance and Bollywood Music


PhD: Constructing the ‘Authentic’: approaching the ’6 Tango-Etudes pour Flute seule’ by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) for performance and interpretation’, The University of Huddersfield, PhD Thesis, 2014
Description:This thesis addresses  how the ‘authentic’ in the genre has been constructed in a variety of contexts both in Argentina and abroad, and how this understanding can implicate a new reading of  the score of Piazzolla’s 6 Etudes.
Research Interests: Ethnomusicology, Tango, Argentina, Latin American Music, Tango (Music), Performance Practice (Music), Flute Music, Flute pedagogy, Tango Performance Practices, Astor Piazzolla, Flute performance, and World music-Ethnomusicology


‘Score Review: Carlos Gardel: Tango Trio for violin (or flute), cello and piano by Diego Marcelo Collatti’, Pan-The Journal of the British Flute Society, 31 (4), 55, December, 2012
Description: Quiñones reviews recently released arrangements by Argentine born Collatti. Including discussion of the Gardel favorites ‘El dia que me quieras’, ‘Volver’, and ‘Mi Buenos Aires querido’.
Research Interests: Argentina, Tango (Music), Orchestration and Arranging, Flute Music, Contemporary flute music, Tango Performance Practices, Music Composition Orchestra Contemporary Violin Piano, and Tango Buenos Aires


‘Score Review: 12 etudes dans le style du tango (12 Etudes in the Key of Tango) by Martín Kutnowski’, Pan- The Journal of the British Flute Society, 31 (3), 52, September, 2012
Description: Quiñones reviews a new work written by Argentine composer Kutnowski with tango as the core of its musical style.
Research Interests: Tango, Performance Studies (Music), Tango (Music), Flute performance, and Argentine Tango music


‘Developing Tone Based On Feel’, Flute Talk Magazine, 31 (1), 24-28, September 2011
Description: In working with a deaf flute student, Quiñones discovered not only tips for teaching hearing-impaired musicians, but also ideas that will help all flutists. “The discoveries I made working with Stephenson suggest that tone production is not only about hearing inaccuracies in playing but about feeling them. A heightened awareness of how notes feel as well as how they sound, might help hearing flutists improve their tone as well.”
Research Interests: Music, Music Education, Music and Language, Vibrations, Deaf Education, Deafness and Hearing Loss, Flute, Flute pedagogy, Deaf Studies, Sign Linguistics, Sign Language, and Flute tone


‘Tango like a Tanguero: Five little tips to help a classical flute player perform tango music’, Flute- The Journal of the British Flute Society, 30 (2), 49-53, June 2011
Description: Go beyond the written notation as Quiñones digs deeper into tango music to explore other ways that this music can be interpreted. Written for flute players, yet applicable to all musicians interested in performing tango music.
Research Interests: Music, Tango, Performance Studies (Music), Tango (Music), Flute Music, Flute, Flute pedagogy, Astor Piazzolla, and Flute performance


‘Book Review: La Flauta en el Tango: A Fundamental Method for Playing Tango Music’ by Paulina Fain, Flute- The Journal of the British Flute Society, 30 (2), 62-63, June 2011
Quiñones reviews the first tango flute method book on the market that has been written by Buenos Aires flute player and tanguero, Paulina Fain
Research Interests: Tango, Tango (Music), Book Reviews, Flute Music, Contemporary flute music, Tango Performance Practices and Argentine Tango music