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A few weeks ago I blogged about my latest album release of Astor Piazzolla’s 6 Tango-etudes for Solo Flute, here.

But don’t be fooled by the perfect packaging—-> I want to tell you a little behind-the-scenes story of this recording. Including the big flute competition I didn’t win, how these tracks got me out of burnout city and the magical UK recording venue overlooking St. Michael’s Mount.

Think of this as the chit-chat we’d share if we were together in my Cornwall studio saying hello over a cuppa, no– wait… a mojito...

(Click picture below to watch this little video).



And to anyone out there who’s currently holding onto a dream to record their own album: you can SO do it, and I am right here with you. I don’t want to push my advice on you, however if you’re looking for inspiration to make your recording goals happen, I can recommend some fantastic resources like The Unmistakeable CreativeThe War of ArtThe Artist’s WayShow your Work and Big Magic— they’ll for sure put you onto a more enlightened and practical path to get you into the recording studio.

Heyyyyyy, look.  I know it’s tenderly vulnerably flippin’ scary to put your own music on display. Please do it anyway. You never know who might need your tunes today. After all, don’t think it’s only a cliche. This is what’s possible. THIS is what could happen.


My latest recordings: Astor Piazzolla's 6 Tango-Etudes for Solo flute

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