Flute Lessons

You have a unique musical message to give – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. No matter which musical genre is involved, or from which level you are starting, let me  inspire and guide you along  your own musical path to refine the flute playing that you offer.

Location: My flute studio is based in the centre of the coastal village of St. Agnes in Cornwall, England, UK. This is approx. 9 miles from Truro with frequent public transport links between the two. Click here for a Google map to the studio.

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The Flute Studio: Situated in a Grade 2 listed building, the flute studio and the adjoining practice lounge are in the premises of a former Edwardian-era shoemaker’s workshop.
Both rooms are stocked to enhance your musicality and lend aesthetic calm to your lessons. You’ll find original Edwardian wooden floorboards, a cozy Scandinavian wood burner, stained glass art-deco doors, large shopfront windows that overlook the village high street and globally sourced vintage décor–all designed to help you chill out and ignite your creativity during our time together.


Live far away? Not a problem. I also offer online flute lessons wherever you are located.



Different than the average flute teacher:  As a teacher with 30+ years of playing and teaching experience,  I bring all of my musical skills to the table.  In your lessons I’ll blend my knowledge as a conservatoire-trained flautist, ethnomusicologist and international performer to enable you to widen the cast of  your musical nets. Because of our work together you will be able to:

…produce a unique, gorgeous tone, have clean finger technique, and a solid musical foundation to articulation, posture, breath control and vibrato

… walk into any musical setting (concerto performance, exam room, orchestra rehearsal, school concert,  jam session) and deliver music you’re really proud of playing.

… discover your own musical ethos as a flautist that will reflect who you are (+ where you’ve been) as a musician.

…play flute on your terms, validated by no one except yourself.

…carry the confidence to be able to improvise freely, with no embarrassment or awkwardness,

… learn to play a variety of musical genres (if that lights your fire).

… use those extended techniques that you’ve had your eye on for a while with ease.

Learn more about my flute teaching philosophies in my Teaching Manifesto.



Who are my clients?  From children to flute teachers, to absolute beginners. You are orchestral players, lawyers, midwives, high flyin’ financial executives, yoga instructors, stay-at-home dads, saxophonists, uni students and nano-scientists

What is the one thing everyone has in common?  No matter what the level or age, you will have a burning desire to use the medium of flute as a way to express your music with conviction, courageousness +  personal authenticity.

For more advanced players and music professionals I specialize in solving issues of musical confidence if you are a bit ‘stuck’, burnt-out, or depleted– whether that is technically, artistically, or both. Read some of my writings about that here.

For flute teachers I offer teacher-training on any pedagogical issues that you might be facing. Our lessons together will help you develop your teaching confidence so you can put  your own skill-set into your own work. See my teacher training page for my latest courses.

To set up a flute lesson in my Cornwall studio and for my teaching rates simply email me at jqflute@gmail.com or enter your details here. I will typically respond to your message within 48 hours. 

Student Testimonials

I was an adult when I decided I finally wanted to learn how to play the flute. Thank goodness my first teacher was Jessica! She was amazing. So talented. So knowledgeable. So professional. So patient. So inspiring. So thorough. So passionate about the flute — whether playing one, or teaching someone else how to play. I was so impressed with her and her ability to teach me to play a flute, that I briefly considered following her to the British Isles when she moved from Colorado because I didn’t think I would find someone as qualified as her. If you chose Jessica as your instructor, you will not be disappointed. Lucky, lucky you!’ — Claudia Winkler, USA

‘Lessons with Jessica have been an inspiring experience. She taught me about so many different techniques that lessons were never dull, and she showed me the variety of factors which influence the way I play. I really felt she gave me a tailor-made approach designed to improve my weaknesses while still highlighting any strengths. It stimulated me to work hard and to enjoy the flute, not just to feel a pressure to take exams (though as a nice side-effect, I did well in the exam I took during my time with her!). She’s a wonderful teacher.’ — Jen Black, UK

‘Dear Jessica, It’s been a great year. I don’t think I would have lasted with any one else but you! You have been great and certainly different to the stuffy lessons I associated with music teachers : ) Here’s to another 12 months.’ Claire Taylor, UK

‘When I first met Jessica ten years ago I was 13 and still just a serious beginner on the flute. It’s because of her patient teaching that I was able to advance as far as I did. She encouraged me not to be shy and to bring in scores that I wanted to learn to play. Under her teachings I learned how to listen to music in a different way, to pick up a piece of sheet music and to have the skills to sight read it with no problems. She even had the patience to handle my extreme shyness and eventually helped me out of my shell with music. And for that I’ll always be grateful. She also have a very flexible teaching style that easily changed to suit each player’s needs. Because of her, music is still a huge and important part of my life and I can’t thank Jessica enough for that.’ — Bianca Lowe, USA

‘I first went to Jessica as an adult learner, after completing years of study and finally having the chance to focus on something I wanted to do. I knew the flute was the instrument for me but I knew nothing else about it other than what it looked like and how to spell it!
Jessica’s love and enthusiasm for the flute came across instantly, she is a warm, kind, patient and wonderful teacher who made her students feel like they were the most important person to her in the world to her. She approaches teaching in a relaxed, fun and enthusiastic way which instantly makes you feel calm and confident. Her knowledge about music and flute is incredible, her wisdom knew no bounds and every lesson she approached with energy and enthusiasm to share with you.
Her lesson structure is varied and fun and she always made time to listen and explain the reasons behind everything we did. My playing and learning came on tremendously ending in the highlight of been able to play at my wedding. Her enthusiasm and passion for the flute will always stick with me, and whenever I get stuck I just remember what she said right in our first lessons “if you don’t spend time building the foundations of your flute house, then it will fall down”, it spurs me on everytime! I cannot thank Jessica enough –any student would be incredibly lucky to have her as a teacher.’ — Becca Garbutt, UK

‘Jessica is an amazingly talented flautist who has a very inspiring way of teaching our daughter, Pip (aged 13) how to play. Pip is being encouraged to sightread, play by ear, perform practiced pieces, learn theory, write her own music and play duets alongside Jessica. This inspirational way of sharing music with our daughter has meant that Jessica has created an experience which is fun, motivational and packed with learning without it feeling laboured or mundane. Pip looks forward to lessons and as parents we are delighted to see how much progress she has made during the last 9 months.
We believe that Jessica has discovered a way to inspire children to want to play and develop musical skills. This is more important to us than just being taught to pass exams. This ethos has meant that Pip’s appreciation for music has become a heartfelt and soulful experience. We are very grateful to Jessica for her amazing teaching style which has definitely inspired our daughter and given her skills which she will be able to use throughout her life.’ –Sera Stringer, UK

‘Jessica is an inspiring teacher. Whatever the level of the pupil, and whatever the problems are, she gives wholehearted and thoughtful attention and understanding’. — Dr. David Morris, UK

‘I came to Jessica for flute lessons at the age of 57 years old! I had previously had a very poor experience with a teacher and a friend recommended her. She gave me a whole new insight into flute playing and helped build my confidence. I really looked forward to each lesson with her, which was such a positive experience, and I felt so proud that someone of her ‘calibre’ could take someone like me on for lessons. I will always remember those early days trying to learn my scales, but never worrying because she was always so patient and encouraging. A huge thank you!!!’ — Bev Law, UK

‘Jessica’s approach to teaching is wonderful and makes learning the flute both a fun and rewarding experience. I felt that my lessons with her were really tailored to suit my individual goals yet still challenged me to improve all areas of my flute playing. As a teacher, Jessica is unfailingly patient and encouraging, greeting each lesson with positivity and a genuine enthusiasm for flute performance. Her feedback was always constructive and insightful. I cannot recommend her enough!’ — Adrienne Dowling, Ireland

‘I made excellent musical connections and friends when I finally moved North from London and tentatively dipped my toe into playing/experimenting with flute again after many years of it lying dormant, nearly neglected, perhaps hibernating in its box, somehow assured that there would be a glorious re-awakening.  This is where you come in Jessica…I would say that more than simply teaching, you look to encourage and inspire. I have come to know a term from the US: “cookie cutting” this is the opposite of your manifesto as I see things. Your completely unique creative input has been a true inspiration to me and certainly to my flute confidence and with any luck  my progress too, further more I know I am not the only one who thinks this. What I am saying in a rather convoluted way is: Thanks Jessica!’ — Jack F, UK

‘Thank you for your workshops, blogs and chats. Have just done a concert with the most solo playing I’ve EVER done in public and you’re definitely part of that combination of support and advice that got me there with it!’ — Rachel S, UK