“Jessica, fix my high notes!”[10 minute video inside]

Struggling with your upper register? Does just the thought of playing high notes make you feel tense? Secretly want to avoid them altogether? If so, this 10 minute video is for you.

In this chat, I talk about a more holistic* approach to playing that moves away from solely ‘fixing’ the technical side of things. Why? Because your musicality is waaaay more than just that.

What’s in the video:

  • What’s up in my world at the moment
  • My latest musical projects (+ new role in the National Flute Association)
  • High note sympathy — look, I totally get it.
  • A different perspective, in a holistic sense
  • The ‘getting to know your neighbour’ analogy
  • What to envision next time you’re playing up high

* what do I mean by using that ‘holistic’ word?  Think of ‘holistic’ as an expression of all that you are— physically, spiritually, mentally, artistically. The whole shebang.


Click here to watch video below:

Upcoming 'Glassworks' performance at the Minack Theatre with the Kevos Ensemble and Cheap Date Dance Company
The easiest, simplest, happiest way to be a musician is this...

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