“…the piece de resistance that captivated the crowd was a wonderful version of Astor Piazzolla’s ‘Cafe 1930’, poignantly led by the mesmerising Quinones, whose intoxicating stage presence provided a focus for the duo overall. Her luscious lyrical tone and use of sinewy melodies evoked far away yearnings and melancholy of times past. The audience clearly wanted more after the short 45 minute programme.”– Review in The Yorkshire Times, UK

“Ms. Quinones plays with much musical energy, her artistry is notable with the elegant flow of the phrasing. Her sound is rich and convincing. My students became motivated to practice after hearing her teach.”– Dennette Derby McDermott, DMA, Professor of Flute and Graduate Studies at Northwestern State University, USA

“Dear Jessica, I commend you for your superlative solo recital and your career talk with our flute students. You have been so successful making a difference in a career that is difficult to maintain. Your truly an inspiration to aspiring, professional musicians and we enjoyed having you as one of our guest artists at the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver.”– F. Joseph Docksey III, Professor, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver, USA

“Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for doing the 4Flutes event yesterday. They were fantastic sessions with lots for the participants to think about and the concert at the end was amazing. I know how much effort goes into creating these sessions and I really appreciate everything you did to make the day such a success.” — Ruth Ballantyne, 4flutes, UK

“Jessica gave an outstanding recital and class for my students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We were all very impressed with her artistry and technique. And, she gave very intuitive and helpful comments to each of the students in the masterclass.”– Dr. Andrea Kapell Loewy, Professor of Flute at the University of Lousiana at Lafayette, USA

“Thank you so much for an inspiring class and a beautiful recital! The students thoroughly enjoyed your masterclass, and were impressed that you could offer truly meaningful feedback in such a short time with them. From the teacher’s viewpoint, I appreciated your ability to size up their personalities as well as their performances, and zero in on their individual needs both musically and psychologically. That is a trait of a true teacher. It was a joy to spend time together and to get to know you.” — Dr. Judy Hand, Professor of Flute at McNeese State University, USA

“It was so wonderful having you at the University of Wyoming. You’re such a great role model for our students–talented, intelligent, and most importantly, creative about what you choose to do with it. This is the wave of the future, and I’m so glad they could see it in action!”– Dr. Nicole Riner, Assistant Lecturer of Flute, University of Wyoming at Laramie, USA

“We really enjoyed having you with us for the masterclass.You sounded fantastic and the feedback from the students has all been positive.”– Lisa Van Winkle, Assistant Professor of Flute, New Mexico State University, USA

“Dear Jessica, Very many congratulations on your concert. It was splendid. You performed wonderfully. I especially like your various timbral changes which really drew me in. And I gather from students that the workshop afterwards was great. So many thanks and well done.”– Dr. Philip Thomas, Professor of Performance, University of Huddersfield, UK

“The students thoroughly enjoyed having you for the day and we really appreciated your input in the day – thank you. I hope you will consider coming to Hull again because we would very much like to have you back for another instrumental day”– Dr. Elaine King, Senior Lecturer in Music, University of Hull, UK

“Once again, thank you for the masterclass and concert you gave here. Speaking to the flute students who worked with you, they very much appreciated your visit and found your advice extremely helpful, thank you for coming to Eastern Mediterranean University”– David Walters head of Music of at Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Cyprus

“Thank you so much for coming to DSA. The students are still talking about how great the masterclass was. In fact I was at a performance today with one of my flute students and he was commenting on how much you helped him. Thank you for doing such a pro job. If you are ever near Denver again…you know what to do!”– Dave Hammond, Music Director, Denver School of the Arts, USA

“Jessica has the ability to shred all over sheet music! If you’re looking for a sample of her ability check out ‘Laughing with Angst’ by Paul Pinto.”– Indabamusic.com

“Jessica Quinones on flute gave a mesmerising performance on different Brazilian and Argentinian styles of music which were each introduced with evocative images and informative descriptions. This was a magical musical event held at York St John University as part of its Culture & Foreign Language Lecture Series. This highly recommended lecture recital by excellent performers and also academic specialists in these musical genres will delight the ear of music students and Hispanists alike.”– Marion Martínez, Senior Lecturer in Languages, York St. John University, UK

“I wish to thank you for the wonderful concert and seminar that you gave at King’s College London  as part of our “Cultural Cartographies” research seminar programme, in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies.
It was an excellent contribution to our programme, which gave our audience an exciting and enlightening insight into the musical traditions of Brazil and Argentina, with a rich repertoire drawn from tango and Brazilian popular music.
Your playing was magnificent, and we hope that we can arrange for another event to showcase your work, with other departments in the College, in the near future.”– Dr. David Treece,  Camoens Professor of Portuguese, Chair of Postgraduate and Research Committee, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Affiliate of the King’s Brazil Institute, King’s College London

Hi Jessica, Was handed this lovely flute part in a show I’m doing at the moment and got a flash back to that first show I did while receiving lessons from you! Wow… a lot has happened since as you can imagine but I’m still enjoying the flute and making some money out of it too which all thanks to you and your endless patience, considered guidance and vast knowledge. Thank you sincerely for all your work with me back then. I still have a long way to go but the flute is very much part of my arsenal now and I’m so grateful I took the plunge and got those lessons from you. The literature you gave me is still practiced and I regularly consult the notes on the various techniques you also gave me. You deserve every success that comes your way. Warmest wishes from Ireland, — Ken Marshall, Lecturer in Saxophone, Cork School of Music, Ireland

British Flute Society Review: Jessica Quiñones on Piazzolla, Lecture Recital. “This was an authoritative and informative dissection of tango performance practice, with the focus entirely on Piazzolla’s six etudes, written near the end of his life in 1987 with a view of promoting his music abroad. Dr. Quiñones gave a fascinating expose of the way early exponents of the tango, such as the singer Carlos Gardel, who music Piazzolla heard as  young boy, would have interpreted this extraordinary genre, The theme, very akin to early music interpretation, was that detailed knowledge is essential rather than detrimental to creativity. We became aware of the ‘sulk’, the use of rubato and dragging out of phrases, changing rhythms to express anxiety and stress, and the use of a plethora of ornaments. With persuasive demonstrations of each etude Dr. Quiñones gave a graphic depiction of the freedom we can bring to this music, despite Piazzolla’s apparently detailed markings…” — C. Britton, British Flute Society Journal, ‘Pan’, September 2014, p. 27.

Jessica is, without any question, one of the most outstanding teachers I’ve ever had the joy to work with. The improvements I noticed in my playing after just 90 minutes in her studio were truly, truly astonishing. 
Jessica has this amazing ability to work out exactly what makes you tick and what she feels will improve your playing in minutes, and will know exactly how to go about those improvements in equally short measure.
But also, just as important as her considerable teaching ability, is the fact that Jessica really, really cares. Not for her justifiably stellar reputation – but for how you do, what you achieve. She has a genuine interest in all you do musically – and anything she can do to further your musical ability and life, she will do.
If you are a flautist, of any ability, go and work with Jessica at some stage – whether in a lesson or series of lessons, a one day course or at a Boho flute retreat. I can absolutely guarantee you won’t regret it.- Barry Sullivan, teacher/ performer/ composer,  London, UK, member of Firefly Flutes

Jessica is a wonderful teacher who is full of enthusiasm, creativity and empathy. I took her E-course on how to set up an online teaching studio. Jessica had such practical advice, which she tailored specifically to my needs. She has a savvy business mind and was brilliant at sharing her ideas on how technology can only enhance music making and learning. I finished each lesson excited to try out her suggestions, which I have now integrated into my teaching.  Jessica is such a fun and warm person – I look forward to one day finally meeting her in person!  – Dr. Kathryn Moorhead, Associate Principal flautist, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, New Zealand.