Skype Flute Teacher Training Course


 The Essential Training Course for Online Flute Teachers Who Really Want to Rock It



Course Description: You have wanted to teach online flute lessons for a while, because it looks like it could offer you some new flexibility in your schedule, new growth for your studio, and some additional income. You might have seen other flautists advertise online, and you think, ‘could I do that too’? The only thing that is stopping you is coming to grips with the technological barriers that seem to be in place. Not to mention the sheer oddity of teaching a flute player without being able to touch them to improve posture or hand position, to hear their tone ‘live’, or to watch their full body inhale before the phrase. You might also wonder how you could stand out from a crowded market to offer quality lessons that reflect your unique teaching expertise.

Is this course right for you? Maybe you are a little skeptical you could teach effectively from just a laptop, or are maybe even a bit hesitant to start. Or, maybe you have already opened your virtual studio but are struggling with adapting your teaching to the online market. Maybe you are having trouble attracting the right client, or are frustrated with the tools you currently use?

Sessions: For five weeks you’ll get a 45 minute ‘one-on-one’ session with me weekly via Skype.  You’ll also have another 45 minute follow-up coaching session in weeks 6-8.  This course is available to flute teachers world-wide with an open enrollment.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Know how your specific teaching can be more marketable to potential flute players
  • Choose with confidence the best online tools and software that is right for your online flute studio
  • Manage a professional online studio without need of a third-party booking website
  • Navigate teaching issues in breathing, embouchure, posture, tonguing, and hand position that arise without the use of touch, or seeing student’s body ‘in person’
  • Teach advanced tone development with only the use of mic and speakers
  • Have the opportunity to trial  new teaching techniques from the absolute beginner to advanced player for in a ‘live setting’ in a guided lesson
  • Get clear about how what you offer is of value and of importance for a global community of flute players

Prerequisites: You should be of an advanced musical standard, and have previous conventional flute teaching experience already under your belt. This course is appropriate for any style of musical genre that you perform or teach.

• Computer/laptop/tablet with internet access
• a video camera
• speakers or headphones

Modules covered:

• Mining your unique online teaching path: Identifying your niche, your ideal online clients and your pedagogical message
• Assembling your personal toolkit: Useful musical software, audio equipment, organisational apps and currency options for niggle-free lessons
• Look, no hands: Teaching techniques from behind the screen (Part 1), absolute beginners to intermediate learners.
• Developing tone from just the speaker and mic: Teaching techniques from behind the screen (Part 2), intermediate to advanced learners
• Trialling your online skills in a ‘live’ online lesson. Practice your new approaches with a flute pupil from across the globe in an observed and guided online setting.
• A  follow–up, personalised session for continued support, guidance and inspiration as you grow your new online flute studio

This course has a two-part assessment: written course work (Weeks 1, 2 and 5), a recorded practical assignment (Weeks 3, 4 and 5).

Cost:  £225 GBP ($325 USD) This is available to be paid in two installments, if needed. Though I bill in GBP (£) you may pay using any currency that you prefer through PayPal.

Let’s have a free 35 minute consulation to see if it’s right for you: email Jessica at jqflute@gmail.com


About the instructor: International flautist Dr. Jessica Marie Quiñones blends the fields of flute performance, flute pedagogy, and ethnomusicology into an active international career. Acclaimed for her beautiful tone, detailed musicianship, and innovative teaching techniques, she has given recitals, masterclasses and lectures to audiences across the globe. Dr. Quiñones is regarded as a ‘highly reputable and innovative flute teacher’. Only at the age of 22 she was named by the American Music Teacher National Association (MTNA) as one of the “Most Outstanding Studio Teachers under the age of 30”. Her pedagogical techniques have been cited in the UK’s Music Education Research Journal, the British Flute Society (BFS) Journal, Flute and America’s Flute Talk Magazine for further understanding of flute education.
She holds performance degrees from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music (USA), and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Recently she completed her PhD at the University of Huddersfield, UK, where she received full funding to explore flute performance and ethnomusicology within tango music. She is currently based in Cornwall, UK where she runs an active online flute studio to virtually train musicians from around the globe, and runs teacher training courses for flautist wishing to deepen their teaching practices.


Jessica’s approach to teaching is wonderful and makes learning both a fun and rewarding experience. I felt that my lessons with her were really tailored to suit my individual goals yet still challenged me to improve all areas of my flute playing. As a teacher, Jessica is unfailingly patient and encouraging, greeting each lesson with positivity and a genuine enthusiasm for flute performance. Her feedback was always constructive and insightful. I cannot recommend her enough! — Adrienne Dowling, flautist, County Wicklow, Ireland

Lessons with Jessica have been an inspiring experience. She taught me about so many different techniques that lessons were never dull, and she showed me the variety of factors which influence the way I play. I really felt she gave me a tailor-made approach designed to improve my weaknesses while still highlighting any strengths.  — Jenny Black, Flautist, Yorkshire, UK

Thank you so much for an inspiring class and a beautiful recital! The students thoroughly enjoyed your masterclass, and were impressed that you could offer truly meaningful feedback in such a short time with them. From the teacher’s viewpoint, I appreciated your ability to size up their personalities as well as their performances, and zero in on their individual needs both musically and psychologically. That is a trait of a true teacher. It was a joy to spend time together and to get to know you.” —Dr. Judy Hand, Professor of flute at McNeese State University, USA

Jessica gave an outstanding recital and class for my students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We were all very impressed with her artistry and technique. And, she gave very intuitive and helpful comments to each of the students in the masterclass.” — Dr. Andrea Kapell Loewy, Professor of Flute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

Dear Jessica, You have been so successful making a difference in a career that is difficult to maintain. You’re truly an inspiration to aspiring, professional musicians and we enjoyed having you as one of our guest artists. —F. Joseph Docksey III, Professor Director, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver, USA