What I do


Sure, I am a flautist.

But that’s just the beginning.

I am also an international performer,
an enthusiastic teacher,
a very curious ethnomusicologist

+ I am a woman with a Big Musical Vision: 

I want to live in a world where flute playing is unapologetically bold, anything but conformist, always soulful, and tells us something fresh. Where music research is both pragmatic and provocative. Where audiences are comfortable to dance and sing when I play– whether that’s to Muczynski or Piazzolla. Where the chocolate is mostly dark, and those deep belly laughs are everyday.

How I give

 I PERFORM at regularly scheduled events + through giving back to my community. I aim to unlock something in the listener that will be there long after the music has ended.  Sample some past performances here, or check out what others have to say about my fluting here.

I TEACH flute lessons in person at my Cornwall Flute Studio (UK) or online, always upholding my own teaching manifesto in the process.
I will help you to both refine your playing and find your unique musical message to give to the world — no matter which musical genre is involved, or the level you are starting from.
Read the success stories from my clients here.

Jessica (1)

I SHARE MY RESEARCH through frequent publications, lecture recitals, a zesty monthly newsletter (hey, are you on the list yet?) and on my blog.

I am a specialist in the tango flute music of the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992).
 But really? I can help you bridge the ‘gap’ between numerous musical genres to help you get your musical point across– whether that’s a tango technique, or a Bach Partita.

…And why I absolutely love it

Jessica (18)

THIS IS WHY I PERFORM: There is this moment in a performance where the energy of the audience and myself, the performer, become one.

It is as if we are inhaling and exhaling together. Transcending to another space beyond the venue.

When this shift happens I know immediately. Suddenly no one moves, the air is thick, and there is a complete synchronicity between the audience and myself. I am simply the medium from which the music flows; the holder of this sacred space for the audience.

And that is why I perform because of this one, divine moment.
I’d love to see your face at one of my events.

Jessica (10)

THIS IS WHY I TEACH: I believe that everyone has the potential to be musical and to create song.

Your flute playing is a celebration of  freedom, authenticity and personal expression– unique from anyone else’s on this earth. It’d be an honour to walk with you in your musical journey, because I believe that the world needs more song… yours. Here are 6 reasons why  I’d love to be your flute teacher.

Doing some field work in Argentina

THIS IS WHY I RESEARCH: My ethnomusicological research aims to give you a variety of fresh ways to interpret your musical scores.

Music making is about telling a story that could be told in a thousand different ways, and choosing the version that the listener needs at that moment.

(And this, for meis the absolute crux of a soulful + refined musicianship.)
More specifically, here is what I love to research