Teacher Training

My latest teacher training:

COURSE TITLE: How to set up your virtual flute studio: the essential e-training course for online flute teachers 

Join me for a 6 week ‘hands-on’ course designed to ignite your digital flute teaching skills. Let’s take your ‘traditional’ flute teaching business to a new, online global market.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: You have wanted to teach online flute lessons for a while, because it looks like it could offer you some new flexibility in your schedule, new growth for your studio, and some additional income. You might have seen other flautists advertise online, and you think, ‘could I do that too’? The only thing that is stopping you is coming to grips with the technological barriers that seem to be in place. Not to mention the sheer oddity of teaching a flute player without being able to touch them to improve posture or hand position, to hear their tone ‘live’, or to watch their full body inhale before the phrase. You might also wonder how you could stand out from a crowded market to offer quality lessons that reflect your unique teaching expertise?

DELIVERY: For five weeks you’ll get a 45 minute ‘one-on-one’ session with me weekly via Skype.  You’ll also have another 45 minute follow-up coaching session in weeks 6-8.  This course is available to flute teachers world-wide with an open enrollment.

For more, please visit the full course page here