Upcoming ‘Glassworks’ performance at the Minack Theatre with the Kevos Ensemble and Cheap Date Dance Company

Glassworksby Philip Glassperformed by Cheap Date and Kevos “Philip Glass’s propulsive, extrovert minimalism has made him one of the most popular living composers, a reputation reinforced by his hit film music (Koyaanisqatsi, The Hours), his collaborations with rock icons (The Low Symphony after David Bowie), and his critically acclaimed theatre works (Einstein on the Beach). Glassworks, for an […]

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You’re invited: Upcoming Truro Cathedral Summer flute recital 2023

You’re invited! An upcoming Summery flute recital in Truro, Cornwall, UK. 20TH JUNE 2023 with Jessica Quinones on flute, Mark Eden (guitar) and Paul Comeau (piano). Truro Cathedral, Cathedral Close, Truro, TR1 2FQ Tel: 01872 276782 7th annual Lunchtime Concert Series, 1:10pm, FREE entry. With newly composed music by Chris Stell of the Eden Stell […]

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You are getting so much right.

I was desperately late to pick up my 1-year old from his nursery.  Alice, his caregiver,  had been waiting for me to arrive for quite a while now —and in doing so I was breaking their Main Rule— the one that I even had to sign a form about—Avoid Being Late to Pick Up Your Child!!! […]

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“Help, I am sooo flippin’ busy!!! How can I possibly find time to practice?”

Life is short, so I’ll hop to the point: I’m writing today to remind you that you have permission to shape your music-making to fit your lifestyle — whatever that means for you:  Between your demanding cray-cray work schedule. Your ridiculous commute. Your conference paper presentation. Your sacred family time. Taking your cat to the vet. Sweating for […]

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Behind the scenes chit-chat. Making a recording. 6 resources.

  A few weeks ago I blogged about my latest album release of Astor Piazzolla’s 6 Tango-etudes for Solo Flute, here. But don’t be fooled by the perfect packaging—-> I want to tell you a little behind-the-scenes story of this recording. Including the big flute competition I didn’t win, how these tracks got me out of burnout city and the magical UK […]

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“Jessica, fix my high notes!”[10 minute video inside]

Struggling with your upper register? Does just the thought of playing high notes make you feel tense? Secretly want to avoid them altogether? If so, this 10 minute video is for you. In this chat, I talk about a more holistic* approach to playing that moves away from solely ‘fixing’ the technical side of things. Why? Because your musicality is waaaay more […]

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The easiest, simplest, happiest way to be a musician is this…

In her lesson recently, Jane said with an apologetic voice, “I’m so sorry, Jessica. I didn’t really get to practice much. My work has been manic lately. I think I only got 4 sessions in since I last saw you. Lately I am choosing to spend my free time in the evenings with my teenage kids, it’s really […]

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15 unexpected things that happened when I said “buh-bye” to my flute career

A letter landed in my inbox last week… Hi Dr. Quiñones, I am currently a graduate student in flute performance. I have always had a drive & joy about choosing this career path. It’s always felt relatively easy to connect with why I want to be a musician or an educator. Lately, though, I’ve felt […]

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