Own your creativity. From your unique tone, to the way you practice your scales, to the manner in which you shape your phrase, make it yours and yours alone.

  • My flute students come from all ends of the globe, all walks of life and range across all ages and levels — from absolute beginners to university post-graduates- from professional teachers, to amateurs to concert recitalists
  • While drawing upon time-honoured teaching approaches from the western conservatoire tradition, I equally use intuitive, holistic, and integrative methods that are drawn from a multiplicity of sources in the delivery of lessons
  • I honour and nurture each person’s unique musical gifts; I aim that each of my students find their own musical voice through the medium of the flute
  • For what I uphold within the student- teacher relationship, please see my Flute Teaching Philosophies >

Not located in the UK? Not a problem. I also offer personalised online flute lessons with Skype to students from all corners of the globe.

Student Testimonials

‘I was an adult when I decided I finally wanted to learn how to play the flute.  Thank goodness my first teacher was Jessica!  She was amazing.  So talented.  So knowledgeable.  So professional.  So patient.  So inspiring.  So thorough.  So passionate about the flute — whether  playing one, or teaching someone else how to play.  I was so impressed with her and her ability to teach me to play a flute, that I briefly considered following her to the British Isles when she moved from Colorado because I didn’t think I would find someone as qualified as her. If you chose Jessica as your instructor, you will not be disappointed. Lucky, lucky you!’ – Claudia W., USA

‘When I first met Jessica ten years ago I was 13 and still just a serious beginner on the flute. It’s because of her patient teaching that I was able to advance as far as I did. She encouraged me not to be shy and to bring in scores that I wanted to learn to play. Under her teachings I learned how to listen to music in a different way, to pick up a piece of sheet music and to have the skills to sight read it with no problems. She even had the patience to handle my extreme shyness and eventually helped me out of my shell with music. And for that I’ll always be grateful. She also have a very flexible teaching style that easily changed to suit each player’s needs. Because of her, music is still a huge and important part of my life and I can’t thank Jessica enough for that.’– Bianca L., USA

‘I first went to Jessica as an adult learner, after completing years of study and finally having the chance to focus on something I wanted to do. I knew the flute was the instrument for me but I knew nothing else about it other than what it looked like and how to spell it! Jessica’s love and enthusiasm for the flute came across instantly, she is a warm, kind, patient and wonderful teacher who made her students feel like they were the most important person to her in the world to her. She approaches teaching in a relaxed, fun and enthusiastic way which instantly made you feel calm and confident. Her knowledge about music and flute is incredible, her wisdom knew no bounds and every lesson she approached with energy and enthusiasm to share that with you. Her lesson structure was varied and fun and she always made time to listen and explain the reasons behind everything we did. My playing and learning came on tremendously ending in the highlight of been able to play at my wedding. Her enthusiasm and passion for the flute will always stick with me, and whenever I get stuck I just remember what she said right in our first lessons “if you don’t spend time building the foundations of your flute house, then it will fall down”, it spurs me on everytime! I cannot thank Jessica enough –any student would be incredibly lucky to have her as a teacher.’- Rebecca H., UK.

‘I made excellent musical connections and friends when I finally moved North from London and tentatively dipped my toe into playing/experimenting with flute again after many years of it lying dormant, nearly neglected, perhaps hibernating in its box, somehow assured that there would be a glorious re-awakening. Me and my flute/flutes have never looked back, and we have secured a northern lifestyle with some wonderful friends along the way, many reliable and steadfast…what more could a man wish? Well…to extend creatively outwards in furtherance of a bolder creative destination? This is where you come in Jessica…I would say that more than simply teaching, you look to encourage and inspire. I have come to know a term from the US: “cookie cutting” this is the opposite of your manifesto as I see things. Your completely unique creative input has been a true inspiration to me and certainly to my flute confidence and with any luck  my progress too, further more I know I am not the only one who thinks this. What I am saying in a rather convoluted way is: Thanks Jessica!’ – Jack F., UK

‘Thank you for your workshops, blogs and chats. Have just done a concert with the most solo playing I’ve EVER done in public and you’re definitely part of that combination of support and advice that got me there with it!’- Rachel S., UK