Learn How to Play Tango Flute in London with Dr. Jessica Quiñones

Learn to play tango flute in London


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Learn How to Play Tango Flute in London

A one-day flute workshop with Dr. Jessica Quiñones

All Flutes Plus
The Warren Room
60-61 Warren St,
London W1T 5NZ

Cost: £65

Description: If you have always wanted to explore playing tango music in the way you imagine it’s heard in Argentina—except the prospect feels totally unfamiliar and overwhelming to figure out, let alone actually play—this flute workshop is for you

Come visit buzzing London (hippest city ever) in the height of autumn. Spend a day with tango flute specialist Dr. Jessica Quinones at the All Flutes Plus Warren Room and learn how start fluting like a tanguero.
Learn the basic tango techniques to simplify the process, from the unwritten tricks of melodic interpretation to mastering that special rhythmic swing. Tango it up with music from Piazzolla, Gardel and more.

Requirements: Suitable for players that are Gr.5+ and ages 16+ only.  No previous tango experience necessary, all materials provided, just bring your flute and music stand.

Policies: This workshop is a bespoke event designed around you, so it is limited to a maximum of 12 participants only. Kindly note that your registration fee is non-refundable, so please book mindfully.

Questions? Feel free to email Jessica at jqflute@gmail.com about any further information.

Not able to get to London? How about taking my online tango flute course instead? Click here.

Some Recent Reviews

“…the piece de resistance that captivated the crowd was a wonderful version of Astor Piazzolla’s ‘Cafe 1930′, poignantly led by the mesmerizing Quinones, whose intoxicating stage presence provided a focus for the duo overall. Her luscious lyrical tone and use of sinewy melodies evoked far away yearnings and melancholy of times past. The audience clearly wanted more after the short 45-minute programme.” Review in The Yorkshire Times, UK

British Flute Society Review: Jessica Quiñones on Piazzolla, Lecture Recital for BFS convention 2014.“This was an authoritative and informative dissection of tango performance practice, with the focus entirely on Piazzolla’s six etudes, written near the end of his life in 1987 with a view of promoting his music abroad. Dr. Quiñones gave a fascinating expose of the way early exponents of the tango, such as the singer Carlos Gardel, who music Piazzolla heard as young boy, would have interpreted this extraordinary genre, The theme, very akin to early music interpretation, was that detailed knowledge is essential rather than detrimental to creativity. We became aware of the ‘sulk’, the use of rubato and dragging out of phrases, changing rhythms to express anxiety and stress, and the use of a plethora of ornaments. With persuasive demonstrations of each etude Dr. Quiñones gave a graphic depiction of the freedom we can bring to this music, despite Piazzolla’s apparently detailed markings…” C. Britton, British Flute Society Journal, ‘Pan’, September 2014, p. 27.

“Thank you so much for an inspiring class and a beautiful recital! The students thoroughly enjoyed your masterclass, and were impressed that you could offer truly meaningful feedback in such a short time with them. From the teacher’s viewpoint, I appreciated your ability to size up their personalities as well as their performances, and zero in on their individual needs both musically and psychologically. That is a trait of a true teacher. It was a joy to spend time together and to get to know you.” — Dr. Judy Hand, Professor of flute at McNeese State University, USA

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2 Responses to Learn How to Play Tango Flute in London with Dr. Jessica Quiñones

  1. Debbie Whiteley November 4, 2015 at 9:04 am #

    My daughter would love to attend this bit she’s at uni in The Hague, Holland. Any more workshops planned for Xmas break or other ways to experience this workshop? Or a visit to Holland? Looks awesome!

    • Dr. Jessica Quiñones November 4, 2015 at 1:28 pm #

      Dear Debbie, thanks for being in touch about your daughter! I run an online version of the course via Skype, which is detailed here. It has been very popular this year so perhaps this might suit?
      Your daughter could have a no charge 35 min. trial tango lesson to see if this course it is for her.

      The second option is if she doesn’t want to do the full tango course, we could always do a lesson or two on tango flute via Skype as a ‘taster’.

      Hope that gives you some options and please let me know how I might be of further assistance. Sincerely, Jessica

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