The Top 10 Online Tango Resources to Check Out if You Want to Play Tango Music Better Than Ever

By now you might have found out that unless you venture to Buenos Aires, resources for playing/ finding tango music scores can be slim-pickings-sorry-charlie if you don’t know where to look.
That’s why I am thrilled to help.

Here are my all-time top 10
(in no particular order)


This bilingual website allows you to to view many classic tango scores, listen to multiple recordings and provides excellent biographies and commentary about tango musicians.

Prepare to spend hours clicking away to learn about tango musicians, CD’s, festivals and orchestras galore. Better put your kettle on, you might be exploring a while.

A non-profit organisation promoted by American bandoneonista, Ben Bogart. His goal is to spread tango music education through community events+  free PDF downloads of tango melodies and method books.

Flauta-Tango Book Volume 1
Paulina Fain, was my former tango flute teacher, and is a fantastic tanguera from Buenos Aires. Her tango pupils have put together–through aural analysis– all kinds of ‘common’ tangos specifically notated for flute players to ‘read’. Useful for other instruments, too. And it’s FREE.

Learn from tango players themselves without having to go to Argentina. These ‘hands-on’ books offer an aural tradition in a printed method book format. Published by Recordi for flute, violin, contrabass, piano, bandoneon and guitar— all for sale.

Five little tips to help a classical musician play tango music
In this free, downloadable article, go beyond the written notation as I help you dig deeper into tango music to explore other ways that this music can be interpreted. Written for flute players, yet applicable to all musicians interested in performing tango music.

Tango Musicology
A thoughtful + detailed musicological blog devoted to the analysis and commentary of well-known tango compositions. Includes some ‘classic’ free scores, too.

Musicologist and tanguero Ramon Pelinski is brilliant. If you are wanting some tango brain food, check out my favourite article of his entitled ‘Embodiment and the musical experience’.

Eduardo Tami’s YouTube Channel.
He’s a tango flute player that really wants to help you play a bit more, well,  tango-like. He has various tango flute tutorials worth exploring–many with subtitles for non-Spanish speakers. Applicable for all instruments.

Paulina Fain’s YouTube Channel
A lot of performances of Fain’s modern tango compositions. This channel also includes a great video where Fain explains the ‘Arrastre’ technique for flute– worth a look if you are a Spanish speaker.

Now back over to you. Have you found any top-class resources that aren’t on the list but should be? 

Enlighten us all. Be a dear. Share in the comments below.

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